Martin Kirby is an English professional wrestler who performs for numerous wrestling companies including WCPW, where he is a former WCPW World Heavyweight Champion. Kirby is well known for his role as former the WCPW General Manager, which he had won in a stipulation tag team match with Broken Matt Hardy. Kirby is well loved by fans for being charismatic and fun in the ring and on the mic.

History in WCPW Edit

His first match in WCPW was against El Ligero, where El Ligero was the victor. He interfered in El Ligeros match with Jay Lethal in episode 2, cementing his rivalry with El Ligero.

His active rivalry with El Ligero ended at Built To Destroy, when he lost to El Ligero in a Mask Vs. Pride match. After the match, Martin Kirby was forced to wear a dress.

In WCPW Loaded Episode 5, Martin Kirby had an instant feud with Grado which he lost on WCPW Loaded Episode 6.

Appearances Edit

In Wrestling Edit

  • Finishers
    • Sablebomb (Powerbomb) (2016- present)
    • Zoidberg Elbow (Crab Walk Tight Rope Elbow Drop from the second rope)
  • Signatures
    • Superman Spear (Corner Spear with theatrics)
    • Kirby's Dream Land (Enzugiri)
    • Sling Blade

Championships and accomplishments Edit

Defiant Champions
General Managers