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Welcome to the Defiant Wrestling Wiki! This is a wrestling encyclopedia, where it's free, where you are not chased by the content, admins, and notability don't exist because an encyclopedia has to include everything about the topic and here you can know everything about Defiant from wrestlers to stables, from championships to shows, from tournaments to events and with its history and much more.

As a wiki, as a community, we want to show how it is the Defiant world to everyone, how much pride we have in what we do from pictures to pages to make a great wiki and a great community. Make sure to check out Defiant at You can also view their YouTube channel to see them in action!

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Viper is a Scottish professional wrestler who has appeared for ICW, World of Sport and WCPW, as well as having a short stint in WWE. While in WCPW, Viper played the role of Bea Priestley's 'gatekeeper' for the WCPW Women's Championship, taking on opponents to prevent Priestley from having to defend her title.
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Wtf moments

WTF Moments was a YouTube show broadcast by WCPW as extra content to support their weekly output of wrestling shows. Presented by King Ross, the show was a humerous rundown of the stand out moments of previous Specials or WCPW Loaded shows.

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