The Defiant Internet Championship is a British professional wrestling championship which was originally unveiled as the WCPW Internet Championship by WCPW General Manager Adam Pacitti.

The initial champion was crowned in a match between El Ligero, Travis Banks and Alberto El Patrón at WCPW Refuse To Lose in a triple threat match which was won by El Ligero. The current champion is WALTER, who is the sixth WCPW Internet Champion in his first reign.

What makes the Defiant's Internet Championship distinct, is that matches fought for the title will always be free to watch on Defiant's YouTube Channel. This idea was proposed by Eric Bischoff, who also came up with the idea for another championship. It is the secondary title in WCPW / Defiant Wrestling.

Reigns Edit

No. Wrestlers Reign Date Days held Location Successful defenses Event Notes
1 El Ligero 1 6 October 2016 55 Newcastle upon Tyne, England 2 Refuse to Lose (2016) Defeated Travis Banks and Alberto El Patrón in a Triple Threat match to become inaugural champion.
2 Cody Rhodes 1 30 November 2016 150 Nottingham, England 7 Delete WCPW This was a title vs. title match with Rhodes' GFW Nex*Gen Championship also on the line.
3 Gabriel Kidd 1 29 April 2017 118 Newcastle upon Tyne, England 8 No Regrets (2017) This was a triple threat match also involving Joe Hendry.
4 Zack Sabre Jr. 1 25 August 2017 173 Sheffield, England 2 Loaded #30
Vacated 14 February 2018 N/A N/A Vacated due to Sabre Jr. being unable to defend the belt.
5 Travis Banks 1 19 February 2018 98 Manchester, England 1 Defiant #10 Defeated David Starr, Mike Bailey and Chris Brookes to win the vacant title.
6 WALTER 1 28 May 2018 199+ Sheffield, England 2 Road to Destruction Defeated Travis Banks and Zack Sabre Jr. in a triple threat match.

Combined Reigns Edit

Note: * designates the current champion

Rank Wrestler No. of reigns Combined defenses Combined days
1 Zack Sabre Jr. 1 2 173
2 Cody Rhodes 1 7 150
3 WALTER* 1 2 199+
4 Gabriel Kidd 1 8 118
5 Travis Banks 1 2 98
6 El Ligero 1 2 55

Appearances Edit